discover a path for sober living in a uniquely supportive environment

Learn the necessary skills to break the cycle of addiction alongside a recovery community in a spacious, park-like setting and sober integrated campus.

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Blue Heron Recovery Programs

Blue Heron Recovery provides outpatient treatment services through group and individual therapy in a peaceful and supportive environment. Located at Los Patios, which sits on 18 wooded acres along Salado Creek, the fully sober campus is designed to enhance support networks and personal growth by offering a beautiful private campus, experiential and outdoor activities, and more to help support your healing.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Often referred to as a “day program”, we offer a full array of full-day luxury treatment experiences without the constraint of a residential program. You might choose to attend the PHP level after completing detox and residential treatment or directly after detox.

With 32 hours of programming available to you each week for deep therapeutic work, you can participate in process and education groups, individual therapy, and enrichment opportunities. We also offer team building and support activities like exercise programs, music and art classes, and other activities on the secluded lawn of our large, wooded campus.

Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

As you attend work and other obligations, bolster your recovery in our Intensive Outpatient Program. This is a flexible environment offering 15 hours of programming each week. Stay connected to your individual counselor while joining in process and education groups, individual therapy, and a full array of activities available on our privately owned campus.

Available daily classes for this program support recovery in your daily life, including topics like relapse prevention, family dynamics, and co-occurring disorders (depression/anxiety/trauma). These classes utilize a healthy balance of evidence-based and holistic treatment approaches tailored to meet your needs.

Monday through Friday mornings (9am-12pm)
Monday through Thursday evenings (6pm-9pm)

Outpatient Therapy

After graduating from IOP, you’ll be invited to follow-up with weekly individual sessions with your counselor and to attend experiential and educational groups as your schedule permits.

As a graduate of our programs, you are always welcome to return to campus as part of the Blue Heron community for scheduled alumni events, to participate in team building and support activities, and to engage in social activities at our privately-owned wooded property.

Recovery. Redefined.

Get your individualized treatment plan.

Discover therapeutic activities in the park-like setting and surrounding sober community of Los Patios.

Recover with family and in community.

What you can expect

Unconditional Positive Regard. Your client-centered therapists will accept you without judgment and will provide you with support and encouragement.

Genuineness. Your therapists will contribute to healthy relationships while maintaining good communication and openness.

Empathic Understanding. A positive therapeutic relationship requires your therapists to extend empathy, reflecting your thoughts and feelings back to you which will help you to better understand yourself.

Commitment to your individuality. Your personal experience is the most vital factor in the therapeutic process for your continued growth and development.

Private & dedicated center. Our outpatient center provides a peaceful and safe place for you to feel supported, appreciated, and respected both during your participation in the program and after graduation.

Treatment & Services

Individual/group therapies, medication management, and relapse prevention.

Your treatment plans will be tailored to your individual pharmacological and relapse prevention choices to include motivational therapies, cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies (CBT/DBT), reality and solution-based therapies, stress management, and social involvement skills.

Enrichment opportunities.

To promote your healthy lifestyle, all activities take place in dedicated indoor spaces and outdoors on our private, 18-acre wooded campus where you will be offered enrichment opportunities such as fishing, gardening and healthy cooking classes. Our full kitchen provides a space for classes, shared meals, and a fresh supply of coffee, tea, and healthy snacks every day.

Physical and spiritual engagement.

Physical and spiritual engagement opportunities are offered as part of our program, including group fitness classes with a certified personal trainer, yoga or Pilates class, walking/bicycling the 20-mile paved path along Salado creek, and music and art therapies.

About Blue Heron Recovery

Veteran-owned and independently owned by medical and mental health professionals, we provide a dynamic sober center attuned to your individual needs and preferences. At Blue Heron Recovery, you will gain the skills necessary to break the cycle of addiction and engage in opportunities for ongoing fellowship and fraternity.

You will have the flexibility to attend work, school, and family obligations while maintaining a connection with Blue Heron Recovery’s professional rehabilitation and recovery services. Our medical director and therapists are actively engaged with each client, walking with them in their journeys toward lasting abstinence from addiction and addictive behaviors. In our unique program you’ll develop healthy habits, new interests, and social skills within different levels of treatment services: Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient Program, Outpatient Therapy. In addition, as a graduate of Blue Heron Recovery’s program, you will continue to enhance support networks and personal growth.