A Look at St. Mary’s Gateway District in San Antonio, TX

The district surrounding the city of San Antonio is one of the most vibrant in Texas. There are numerous attractions and activities within this great district, with tourists from around the world making St. Mary’s first choice for a vacation destination. The St. Mary’s Gate is a world-famous attraction located on the premise of the old Spanish mission. It is here that the city’s name got its name, which dates back to 15ola, the name of the town’s patron saint. Look here for more about San Antonio, TX.


St. Mary’s is home to one of the largest collections of Renaissance buildings in all of Texas, as well as much of the country. These include the Almanzo Museum of Modern Art, which was created by Frida Kahlo, a famous writer and artist who also served a term in the legislative Assembly from San Antonio. Other notable attractions include the Frida Kahlo House, which houses a collection of art; the Leon Whittaker House, which is a historic landmark; the San Antonio Missions Museum, which is a living memorial to the mission’s prolific Spanish history; and, of course, the Botanical Gardens. San Antonio is an ideal place to be during any part of May because the Texas State Fair is held every weekend during the month of June. The fair, which is held annually, draws hundreds of visitors from all over the state and beyond. Click here to read about Experience The Historic Town of Selma, Texas.

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As a visitor to the district, you will find that it is very different from the other historic Texas towns. While St. Mary’s has its share of dusty museums and old-fashioned Victorian homes, the entire downtown area is alive with energy. There are many wonderful restaurants, craft galleries, and spas to explore, as well as some great nightlife. If you are looking for luxury, class, and history in your Texas vacation, St. Mary’s is where you should be.