Opiate Addiction Treatment

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Opiates are a powerful pain reliever with a high rate of addiction due to the euphoric effects and the common practice of mixing opiates with alcohol or other drugs. People who develop an opiate addiction can find relief through a treatment center that provides opiate addiction treatment services. These services include treatment for the physical and psychological aspects of addiction and can include holistic therapies that promote a healthy lifestyle and long-lasting sobriety.

Blue Heron Recovery is a full-service addiction treatment center that provides a whole-person recovery experience through our opiate treatment programs. Our therapists have years of experience working with opiate addictions and take the time to develop a close relationship with each client to improve their recovery chances. Programs will include private and group therapy sessions at our discreet facility, surrounded by 18 acres of serene landscape that promotes healing and recovery. Contact us today for more information about our substance abuse treatment programs, or call 888.403.6608 to schedule a tour to meet our dedicated team.

Knowing When to Enroll in an Opiate Addiction Treatment Program

A person learning about opiate addiction treatment servicesOpiate addiction is a serious mental health illness that is treatable through a combination of scientifically proven therapeutic techniques, holistic therapies, and medication. Understanding the symptoms of opiate abuse is imperative if you or a loved one is taking opiates for pain. While opiates are safe to take when sticking to the prescription, they come with a high risk of abuse due to our society’s acceptance of recreational drug use.

If a friend or loved one is taking opiates and you think they may be abusing them, here are some of the common signs of prescription opiate abuse:

  • They run out of their prescription before the refill date.
  • You find multiple prescriptions for opiates from different doctors or prescribed to different people.
  • They take opiates “just in case.”
  • They say, “One pill is not enough.”
  • They continue taking opiates for longer than prescribed.

A person who abuses their opiate prescription runs the risk of being denied further refills. If this happens, there is a strong chance that they try heroin or other illegal opiates to continue feeling the same effects.

At Blue Heron, we offer a number of opiate addiction treatment services at our outpatient facility in San Antonio.  Our programs use the latest therapeutic techniques and best practices for teaching people how to lead a healthy and sober lifestyle.

What to Expect from Opiate Addiction Treatment Services

While there is no cure for opiate addiction, there are several treatment options available to help people stop the abuse before causing serious harm. If this is your first time enrolling in a treatment program, here are the types of opiate addiction treatment services that you can expect during the recovery process:

Health Assessment

The first step in the recovery process is to determine the severity of addiction. Therapists will run a full health assessment to determine the best treatment program for the severity of their symptoms. People with a severe addiction will start treatment through a residential program, while those with mild to medium symptoms can begin recovery through outpatient programs.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

To ease the physical cravings and withdrawals that are associated with opiate abuse, medical staff will administer specific dosages based on each client’s treatment program. These medications are only available through an accredited treatment program and are meant as temporary support while participating in therapy sessions. As their symptoms decline, medical staff will begin tapering down the dosage size until no longer necessary.

Therapy Sessions

Opiate treatment programs include group and private therapy sessions to teach clients about the dangers of addiction and how to lead a sober and healthy lifestyle. Therapists work to identify negative behaviors and harmful thinking and show clients how they have the power within them to make positive changes.

Rebuilding Relationships

An important part of the recovery process is having healthy relationships with peers, spouses, and family members. Therapists will work with all family members to repair fractured relationships and resolve any lingering issues that may disrupt recovery. They will educate them on the specific disorder. Then, they’ll show them how they can be a part of the recovery process.

Get Help With Substance Abuse Treatment at Blue Heron Today

Opiate abuse treatment programs are very effective in helping individuals stop the abuse safely and with fewer risks of relapse and setbacks. Those who complete the program and continue practicing healthy habits will have the confidence to handle all of life’s stressful moments without the need to reach for more pills.

Blue Heron Recovery is an accredited addiction treatment facility for Texas residents who are ready to stop abusing their prescription or illegal opiates. Our opiate abuse treatment programs combine behavioral and holistic therapies along with medication management to ease disruptive symptoms and allow clients to continue with their therapy on an outpatient basis.

For more information about our opiate treatment programs, call 888.403.6608 today to speak with our friendly team.