Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas – A Historical Discovery

Fort Sam Houston San Antonio, Texas, is a location that has much historical significance and also offers tourists many attractions to view. The fort was built in the mid seventeen hundreds by the Spanish soldiers and, as such, offers visitors beautiful views of the bay and the surrounding area. It offers tourists a chance to see many of the early Spanish works of art like the Almanzillo, which can still be seen today and also has been used as a historical site to teach kids about the Spanish culture. Visit this link for more information.


Many people also visit the many archaeological sites located near the fort, such as the Bulaqueron, which served as a fortress and a harbor for the Spanish navy. If you are looking to see some old Spanish buildings, then you will find plenty of historic places to go to in San Antonio. The Texas History Center at Bulaqueron offers you the opportunity to view many of the early American homes and also offers you the chance to learn about the history of Texas. There is also the Alamo Drafthouse located in the Downtown area, which offers films about them and also offers you the opportunity to see some great movies. Read about A Tourist’s Guide to Edison, San Antonio, Texas here.

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The fort has many interesting sights to see, and there are a variety of things to do. You can go sailing on a boat around the harbor, or you can take a walk down the grounds and see the many beautiful plants and flowers. Fort Sam Houston San Antonio is a great place to visit, and there are many fun things to do here. You are sure to enjoy this unique historical place. In the evenings, you will be able to enjoy live music performed by the bay area bands as well as the famous blues bands from New Orleans.