Hays Street Bridge – A Turning Point in Downtown San Antonio, TX

The Hays Street Bridge is one of the best-known examples of old San Antonio, Texas railroad ties. Most locals are aware of the Hays Street Bridge since it is a popular bike and pedestrian path that also draw photographers, newlyweds, and yoga enthusiasts. However, the original iron truss bridge across the street was built as a narrow-gauge railroad bridge in the late 1880s and then moved to San Antonio, TX to serve as a connection between the East Side and the downtown area. While the main portions remain, the three-mile segment between Riverside Street and Riverside Drive was torn down and rebuilt to accommodate a modern-day shopping center. You can still see the original fence and trusses along the walkway, and there is even a small portion of the original fence that links the top of the Hays Street Bridge to the pedestrian walkway. The center portion of the new pedestrian walkway includes three kiosks selling San Antonio souvenirs, coffee shops, restaurants, and a covered public pavilion. Visit this link for more information.

The Hays Street Bridge is a beautiful San Antonio, TX landmark that has been named a National Historic Landmark. Expect some great historic architecture, local antiques, and beautiful plants throughout the Hays Street Bridge and two pedestrian bridges that connect the downtown area to the Hays Street Bridge. This beautiful Texas landmark is sure to be cherished for a long time. Please check back here for more information on the upcoming Hays Street Bridge restoration project. Read about The Well-known Haskin Park in San Antonio, Texas here. 

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One reason that many people like Hays Street Bridge is because it allows them to get right into downtown San Antonio, Texas. There are no tolls, so you won’t have to pay a dime to cross the street. You also won’t have to worry about walking down a bunch of traffic and finding your way across the street. Overall, you will enjoy every minute of your time here in San Antonio. The Hays Street Bridge is one of the best bridges to drive over as you take in the beautiful sights from the Texas hill country.