Interesting Facts About Kirby, Texas

Kirby, Texas, is one of several Texas cities that are highly acclaimed for their unique history. Known for being home to jazz musicians, including Ben Jailbon and his family operated a popular music venue called Theectar Club. This famous club became the first recording studio in South Texas. It hosted notable musicians, including pianist Oscar Peterson, and his family operated the Sugarmill located nearby. In 1958, mailbox began to play his original music there, and the reputation of the Sugarmill Music Club spread quickly. He then opened a second club, called The Arboretum, where he recorded a variety of music, and according to some accounts, his success resulted in him opening his own record label, The Arboretum Records, which is run to this day by his son Nelson. Find further facts here.


Kirby is a thriving city in Bexar County, Texas. It is now an enclave of San Antonio and is a vital part of the San Antonio Metropolitan statistical area. Founded as a farming settlement along the Southern Pacific rail, the city has been transformed into a vibrant metropolitan community upon its incorporation into the modern-day city. A vibrant nightlife is prevalent, which includes popular restaurants and bars such as The Arboretum, Kirby Town, and downtown Kirby. Read about The Trendiest Area in The City – Kensington Row, San Antonio, Texas here.

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The architecture of the city is indicative of the South Texas cowboys who settled there in the early days, including many Spanish colonial structures that remain today. Downtown is the center of activity, featuring a series of popular bars and restaurants. Some of these restaurants specialize in serving authentic Tex-Mex food, and others feature burgers and Texas cuisine. A great choice for a quiet night, a few blocks away from downtown, is the nightclubs and bars of East End, which feature resident DJs and numerous party areas.