Join The Exciting City Of Hollywood Park In Texas

Hollywood Park is a small town in Bexar County, Texas. The population in the town was 3,061 at the last 2021 census. It is now part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area and an enclave in far northern San Antonio. It is bordered on one side by the Guadalupe River and on the other by the Texas-Mexico border. It has a total of eight streets that are directly linked to the downtown area, including Guadalupe, HeimHeimerimer roads, South Main, Third Street, and Alameda. More can be found here.


This community is in a very wealthy part of south-central Texas. Its location, being in a high-end business district, contributes to its upscale lifestyle. Most of its homes are in gated communities surrounded by private lakes, clubhouses, and community parks. The city of Hollywood in Texas is also called Texas City, after the film “windswept plains”. The second largest town of this zip code is from San Antonio, which is also located in Texas. It has a total population of almost forty-seven thousand. Are twenty-two parks in the park district, all of which are open to the public. Learn more about The Spectacular Natural Attractions of Gold Canyon, San Antonio, Texas.

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Tom Bellchambers is the current mayor of this Texas Park, and he is also the former state governor of Texas. As the mayor of this wonderful community, Bellchambers has made sure that the citizens of Hollywood Park take good care of the land that they own. He has also ensured that all laws and regulations are followed concerning the community’s water, power, and sewer lines. The citizens of this great community can feel secure about living in this fine piece of real estate, where they can enjoy quiet times in the day and fun and entertainment in the night, thanks to the tireless work of their local hero, mayor Bellchambers.