Olmos Basin in San Antonio, Texas – A Great Place to See

The Olmos Basin in San Antonio, Texas is an inland body of water that includes the San Antonio River, the Guadalupe River, and the Guadalupe and Red Rivers. A division of the City of Austin, the area was considered to be one of three natural water sources for the city. The Olmos Dam was a large job site on the west bank of this large lake. The site also lay within the channel of Olmos Creek, which is the main source of underground water for the town of San Antonio and its surrounding areas. Click here for facts about San Antonio, TX.

The Olmos Basin in San Antonio, Texas has been a popular vacation destination for tourists and native residents alike for decades. The site (which was also the site of a large farming operation) was an extensive job site on the left bank of the Olmos Creek just west of downtown San Antonio, TX. Today little remains of this site, but much of the old town of San Antonio/OLMOIs has been extensively renovated and is now a vibrant part of Downtown San Antonio/Downtown Olmos. This area still retains a strong Spanish influence, even though the majority of residents are Hispanic. This natural water source allowed farming to thrive along the shores of Lake San Antonio, Texas as well as the vast area of Piedmont. Today the area is known as the Olmos Basin Park and Preserve. The park was established to preserve the historical memory of what life was like in the time of the original inhabitants of Texas and to let future generations learn about the natural wonders that can still be viewed in the area. Click here to read about Why the Oakwell Trailhead Park in San Antonio, TX Is Still So Popular.

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There are several paths through the park that take hikers onto the banks of Olmos Creek itself and back. These routes offer a great place to explore and photograph the natural wonders of this unique lake and creek area. Walking along the shores and around the many different lakes offers a beautiful view over the downtown area. The hiking paths are not graded and provide a gentle experience for anyone who is either new to hiking or has experience. Hikers who enjoy the waters can fish and camp overnight. There are also restroom facilities along most of these trails.