Several Attractions To Visit At The San Antonio Aquarium In Texas

The San Antonio Aquarium in Texas is a non-profit marine aquarium organization located in San Antonio, Texas. It has been operating for over forty years. The facility offers a wide range of marine displays including saltwater tanks and reef tanks. The displays have been featured in numerous national aquarium shows and the majority of professional aquarium keepers recommend visiting the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas. Discover more about San Antonio, TX here.

The first attraction you will want to see is the Shark Encounter. Located in the Shark Encounter Park, this is the only place in San Antonio that you can get close up to sharks without them biting you. This attraction is also home to the largest known fish, the Blue Marlin. It is here that you can see the local species of tuna, wahoo, and barracuda as well as many exotic species of tropical fish. The San Antonio Aquarium in Texas offers a two-hour guided tour of the entire park as well as educational opportunities for the children as well as free feeding at certain times. Discover facts about Appreciate the Beauty of Nature at Salado Creek Greenway in San Antonio, TX.

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Another attraction that can be found at the San Antonio Aquarium in Texas is the BioLapse. This is a hands-on exhibit that allows the children to touch live lizards and snakes as they wander around their habitat. They can even touch the monitor that tracks the snake’s movements while it chews on the leaves of trees. For the most part, the prolapse runs on autopilot so that the kids can feed the snakes and lizards while they keep an eye on the movements of the fish. There are also plenty of opportunities for hands-on educational activities including treasure hunting where a child will need to find small items within the tank without popping the tank to get them.