The Unique Town of Airport City, Converse, Texas

Airport City, Texas, is a two-mile-long Texas oil town that sits between Kyle TX and Conroe, Texas. The town is bordered on two sides by the Guadalupe River, and on the west, it is bordered on the south by the Guadalupe River and on the east by Texas State University and to the north by the Texas Medical Center. Although the population is not as large as some of the larger Texas towns, it does have a decent amount of small businesses and more than enough tourists to keep the real estate values and revenues up. The reason why there is an emphasis on tourism in this area is that the International Airport is only one mile away from the town. Learn more here.


Many of the residents of Airport City have some type of limited income because they live in a small town. That being said, they still have access to well-paying jobs in downtown Kyle and College Station. This means that the real estate prices in the town are reasonably high due to the demand. In addition to the homes in the downtown areas, there are also a lot of homes in the county of Texas because there are so many highways and railways that connect this town to all the other parts of Texas. The main road into town, IH-35, connects the two counties. Learn more about Wellsprings, San Antonio, Texas – What You Need To Know.

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There are many local attractions, such as the Converse Shoes Museum, which is located on South Broadway. There is also the historic Bowie Frazier Plantation which is another attraction worth checking out. There is also the Old Opera House, which once served as a train station and a hospital. Many of the houses were built by veterans of the Civil War. They are unique, and you will be hard-pressed to find any other structure like them in the entire United States. If you enjoy fine family furniture, there are many places to go to find just what you need.