Dialectical Behavior Therapy

A man in dialectical behavior therapy treatmentTreating addiction and other mental health disorders is a complex process that involves a variety of therapies and medications to address the physical and psychological symptoms of the disorder. Dialectical behavior therapy treatment is one of the best forms of therapy for treating multiple mental health disorders. It focuses on reducing life-threatening symptoms and teaches clients new ways to see themselves and the world around them. Dialectical behavior therapy is best for treating suicidal ideations, borderline personality disorders, addiction, and other types of mental illnesses.

At Blue Heron Recovery, we support individuals who are looking for a reputable treatment facility to improve their mental health and stop letting their symptoms ruin their lives. We utilize a number of top therapies. These include DBT, CBT, medication management, and holistic therapies like cooking classes, yoga, and art therapy. You will work closely with an experienced therapist to uncover the root cause of the disorder. Then, you will begin developing new strategies and behaviors that promote a sober and healthy lifestyle. To see if our therapy services are right for you or a loved one, fill out our Blue Heron online contact form or call 888.403.6608 today to begin a conversation about improving your mental health.

Understanding Dialectical Behavior Therapy Treatment

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is an offshoot of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and was originally developed to treat people with borderline personality disorder and those with suicidal thoughts. Today, DBT is used to treat several disorders, including personality disorders, PTSD, bulimia and binge-eating disorders, depression, addiction, and bipolar disorders.

Dialectical behavior therapy treatment focuses on four key principles of mental health therapy:

  • Mindfulness – The practice of staying present in the current moment instead of obsessing over past or future events.
  • Distress tolerance – This principle increases a person’s ability to tolerate negative emotions rather than hiding from them with drugs and alcohol or other destructive behaviors.
  • Emotional regulation – Develop strategies to manage and change powerful emotions that are negatively impacting their lives.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness – This principle teaches clients how to communicate in an effective manner that is assertive, maintains self-respect, and strengthens relationships.

Blue Heron Recovery provides outpatient treatment programs for San Antonio residents who need help with managing their depression, substance use disorder, or other mental health illnesses. Our dialectical behavior therapy programs give people the skills and confidence necessary to then manage their symptoms and triggers and lead fulfilling lives.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Services

Dialectical behavior therapy is for those with intense symptoms that are causing significant problems in their daily lives or who often fantasize about death or suicide. It uses several therapeutic techniques to change negative ways of thinking and behaving. It also teaches clients new coping skills for maintaining a positive mental state.

Dialectical behavioral therapy services include a number of beneficial treatments that can greatly improve people’s overall mental health. It gives them the confidence and skills to manage their symptoms and triggers. At the same time, it allows them to begin seeing themselves in a more positive light.

Here are just some of the benefits of enrolling in dialectical behavior therapy treatment:

Mental Health Education

Therapists will teach clients and their families about the specific disorder they have and how it impacts their thinking and behaviors.

Medical Support

To reduce disruptive symptoms, treatment programs include medication management to ease the symptoms of the disorder. Medication can ease depressive and anxiety symptoms along with reducing substance abuse withdrawals and cravings. These medications offer temporary support, and most clients will be 100% drug-free by the end of the program.

Develop New Coping Skills

In private therapy sessions, therapists will work to uncover the root cause of the disorder and teach clients healthy coping skills. These skills will allow them to improve their mental health and to speak up for themselves in tense situations.

Practice and Improving Skills

Group therapy allows clients to practice their new coping and communication skills in a safe and supervised environment. Clients will participate in role-playing games and other activities. This will allow them to practice and fine-tune these skills and become comfortable using them in real-world situations.

Peer Support

A major benefit of DBT is the connections clients can build with their peers. Friendships built on a shared struggle are very strong. In fact, they can support you during difficult times when symptoms or cravings reappear.

Find Comprehensive Therapy Services at Blue Heron Recovery

Blue Heron Recovery is a full-service outpatient treatment facility in San Antonio. We provide individuals with professional therapy services in a discreet facility. We understand that no two cases are exactly the same. Therefore, we will create a customized treatment program based on your individual symptoms. Programs can include a mix of therapies and medical support to reduce disruptive symptoms and allow for a smoother recovery.

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