Things To Do In Inwood, San Antonio, Texas

DescriptionInwood is a highly desirable gated community located in north-central Texas, USA, right in the skirts of the Guadalupe River. Nestled in the thick, wooded Texas, Hill Country, Inwood experienced rapid residential growth and extensive housing development during the mid to late 1990s. Inwood boasts a unique set of “green” attributes that make it one of the premier locations in the United States for environmentally conscious homeowners. Inwood enjoys consistently high real estate values, a highly desirable location due to its proximity to education and government agencies, and a variety of employment opportunities. See more here.


Amenities & FeaturesThe community of Inwood, has all the necessary amenities to make your life comfortable and convenient. You will find an abundance of retail shops, restaurants, and other establishments. The main road is lined with shops, boutiques, restaurants, and other specialty businesses offering everything from fast food to fine dining. Amenities include an assortment of well-maintained swimming pools, tennis courts, and scenic walking paths. Inwood residents are also provided with a multitude of free community services, including trash pick-up, security, and maintenance of streets and roads. This community offers outstanding community amenities, including a clubhouse, library, community room, swimming pool, tennis and golf courses, as well as an abundance of spas and health care providers. Inwood is also home to a variety of shops, art studios, beauty shops, an annual outdoor concert and festival, an Inwood BBQ Festival, a Chinese Cultural Center, and a performing arts club. Inwood is close to the U.S. Southern Border, the San Antonio International Airport, and the Downtown Area. See here for information about The Breathtaking View of Inspiration Hills in San Antonio, Texas.

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History & Development Inwood was originally built on what is now the site of the original town of Inwood, a mission prior to the 18th century. Inwood was incorporated as a town in 1889. Inwood today is known for its safe and stable communities, especially with the recently proposed expansion of the Guadalupe River Park. Inwood has grown into one of the most preferred communities for residential homes in the San Antonio area and is home to several notable families like Roebuck and Lowe.