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Men's alcohol rehab

How Men’s Alcohol Rehab Can Help You Overcome Addiction

Alcohol use disorder is on the rise, with a 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reporting that 29.5 million people 12 and up experienced an alcohol disorder within the last year. Of that group, most are males, 17.4 million men versus 12.2 million women.

If you are currently combatting an alcohol use disorder that has taken over your life and well-being, you should consider men’s alcohol rehab. It could be the difference-maker in helping you finally quit alcohol.

Signs You Should Consider Men’s Alcohol Rehab

You may be ready for rehab for alcohol use disorder if you regularly experience these symptoms:

  • You regularly black out and don’t remember large pieces of your day.
  • You’ve begun drinking around the clock, even first thing in the morning.
  • Your alcohol problem has impacted your job.
  • Your interpersonal relationships are deteriorating because of your addiction.
  • You hide your alcoholism around others, popping breath mints and changing clothing so you don’t smell like alcohol and lying about when you’ve last drank.
  • You’ve stolen money or alcohol.
  • You’ve tried to quit on your own (perhaps more than once) but couldn’t.

How Does Men’s Alcohol Rehab Help You Overcome Addiction?

Men’s alcohol rehab is catered toward the unique needs men face from addiction, including trying to maintain their sense of masculinity and interpersonal relationships. Besides that clear advantage, here are some other ways in which an outpatient alcohol rehab center can help you get and stay sober.

Supervised Detoxing

Medical-assisted treatment can help you get through the uncomfortable and sometimes painful withdrawal symptoms that occur when you try to put down the bottle. Those symptoms are often what make quitting alcohol on your own so difficult.

The medications available to you will help with your cravings and symptoms.


You also have many types of therapy to explore in men’s alcohol rehab programs. They include experiential therapy to fill your life with hobbies and activities, holistic therapy for better mindfulness, dialectical behavioral therapy to have more control over your emotions, and trauma therapy.

Individual and group therapies are also available, with the trademark being cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. You can rebuild your thinking with CBT, identifying where negative thoughts emanate from and rewiring how you feel and behave. You’ll become more positive overall.

These therapy modalities address the core issues that might have caused and continue your alcoholism, allowing you to pave the way forward.


Accountability can be a strong motivator in your decision-making moving forward. You’ll want to make others proud now that you’ve quit drinking. Once you leave the outpatient treatment facility, you should find at least one party to be accountable to (and vice-versa).


You are not cut off from the supportive forces who surrounded you after you graduate from the outpatient program. Aftercare resources and support will remind you that you can always get advice, information, or help in situations where your sobriety is at risk.

Can Men’s Alcohol Rehab Help You Stay Sober?

Men’s alcohol rehab allows you to maintain your sobriety in many ways, such as the following.

Introduces You to Others Who Can Act as Support

The men you meet in your group therapy sessions while in outpatient alcohol rehab can become your strongest supports once you graduate from the program. You might exchange contact information to help each other navigate the road to sobriety.

Even if neither of you works in a sponsor capacity, you will provide a sense of accountability to one another. It’s also nice to know you have someone you can lean on and relate to during this part of your journey.

Helps You Work Out the Cause of Your Addiction

Most alcohol addictions don’t begin out of nowhere. Perhaps you had a string of unfortunate life circumstances that made you start drinking, or maybe it was a difficult upbringing.

The therapy modalities available in a men’s alcohol rehab program will help you uncover deeply buried emotions and connect them to how you arrived at where you are now. You will learn how to deal with your circumstances healthily so you can move forward in life without alcohol.

Gives You a Framework for Situations That Threaten Your Sobriety

How do you handle hanging out with your drinking buddies after rehab? What do you do if someone invites you to a bar or a party where everyone is drinking? These kinds of questions will come up during your stint in men’s alcohol rehab, as will the answers.

You’ll have guidebooks for handling every type of situation you could encounter in your new sober life so your progress isn’t upended.

More Tips for Maintaining Your Sobriety

Keep sobriety your top concern with these pointers for everyday situations.

  • Volunteer to be the designated driver when you go out to avoid drinking. This will also play up your sense of accountability.
  • Treat physical pain so you don’t drink to mask it.
  • Practice mindfulness and relaxation to manage stress levels.
  • Find a different outlet for your urge to drink, whether it’s exercise or a new hobby. Just make sure you don’t replace one addiction with another.
  • Enroll in a peer support group outside of rehab.
  • Cut those out of your life who aren’t supportive of your recovery and try to get you to drink.
  • Find a new purpose. Perhaps a hobby you picked up fulfills you or your interpersonal relationships mean more to you now that you’re sober.
  • Call for support if you find yourself teetering on the edge of sobriety. You can contact a fellow rehab graduate, aftercare support services, someone in your support group, or a trusted friend or family member.

Blue Heron Recovery Is Here to Help You Recover – Explore Our Outpatient Treatments Today

Long-term sobriety is possible with men’s alcohol rehab at Blue Heron Recovery, which specializes in therapy and counseling, substance abuse treatment, and addiction programs.

The men’s and women’s rehab programs Blue Heron Recovery offers are personalized and customized to your needs and circumstances. You can also expect a roster of compassionate medical experts and therapists.

Select from a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program. The former involves you attending daily or near-daily rehab, while intensive outpatient rehab is several days per week.

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