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The Importance of Depression Treatment During San Antonio Drug Rehab

Studies show that at least 44.3 percent of persons seeking drug treatment also have a current mood disorder. While 61 percent had a history of mood disorders, one-third of these persons had experienced major depression as a symptom of the drug abuse disorder. Additionally, the detoxification, withdrawal, and subsequent abstinence from mood-altering drugs found while attending a San Antonio Drug Rehab may cause a depressed mood as the brain and body readjust to living without the addicts’ drug of choice.

While considering a San Antonio Drug Rehab, it is important to discuss the program’s mental health therapies to treat not only depression but also some of the other behavioral conditions such as mania or hypomania (both of which are forms of hyperactivity and/or elation) that are a direct cause of exaggerated mental stimulation caused by drug abuse.

Understanding why drug abuse can cause depression

When depression is diagnosed as a pre-existing mental health condition in a person, it is considered a Dual Diagnosis. But, depression and other mental health challenges can be the direct result of heavy drug use and trigger a co-occurring mental health disorder. The right San Antonio Drug Rehab will be uniquely positioned to treat both substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Drug use directly affects the brain, causing changes to the brain’s structure and functioning. It is more likely for a person who has consumed large amounts of drugs or one who may have years of drug use to present with symptoms of depression in addition to a dependency on drugs.

It doesn’t matter which came first, the drug use or the mental health issues. Often, the person will start to believe that using more drugs will offset the feelings of sadness, isolation, and depression. But the opposite is true. Abusing any drugs, including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and other street drugs, or opioids and other pharmaceuticals, will eventually lead down a dark path of regret, remorse, and broken relationships.

Those with substance-use disorders along with depression will often experience more severe mood symptoms, worsened mental functioning, and even suicidal thoughts. This is where a San Antonio Drug Rehab with mental health professionals on the staff can provide countless benefits.

Like most mental health challenges, a clinician at a San Antonio drug rehab will make an assessment of the person’s mental and emotional state. From this assessment, it can be determined which type of depression is most prevalent, along with an effective treatment plan which may include counseling and medications to ease the symptoms.

  • Major episodes of depression: With clinical depression, the person will almost constantly experience a low mood and a loss of interest in family, friends, or work. They may have trouble sleeping, a loss of appetite, and very low energy levels. Often, emotional symptoms will include intense feelings of worthlessness, an inability to function in life, and possibly suicidal thoughts.
  • Persistent depressive disorder: A less intense form of depression that reoccurs but can sometimes last as long as a year or two. This person will be able to continue functioning at work and home, but often with a feeling of numbness and a lack of enthusiasm. Bouts of hopelessness, fatigue, low self-esteem, and changes to sleeping or eating patterns are present.
  • Bipolar disorder: Bipolar disorder is marked by both episodes of depression and periods of high energy or risky activity, called mania. The hyperactivity may result in little need for sleep and will increase the person’s appetite and pleasure-seeking behavior, like misusing drugs and/or alcohol.

No matter which type of depression the person is diagnosed with at a San Antonio drug rehab, it must be treated. Otherwise, the patient will continue to self-medicate – that is, taking more and more drugs to numb negative feelings and ease other mental health symptoms.

Dual Treatment at a San Antonio Drug Rehab

The best San Antonio drug rehab will offer a range of treatment programs, which may include detox, partial hospitalization, inpatient drug rehab, or outpatient treatment, so the person can continue working or going to school while getting the vital help they need. Blue Heron Recovery offers a depression treatment program that can be applied while seeking drug rehab and delivered by medical clinicians.

This complex mental health disorder, when co-existing with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, can present major challenges to the recovering individual. The goal of any treatment at a San Antonio drug rehab should be to apply the proper treatment and therapies that will lead the individual down the path of a fulfilling life – without drugs.

Many clinical therapies for depression have proven extremely beneficial, especially for those with a substance abuse disorder. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT seeks to identify unhealthy thinking patterns and replace them with better options. Often, the unlearning of unhealthy patterns of behavior and/or thinking is critical to success in recovery. CBT offers a better way of coping with life and a way to apply clear thinking to difficult problems.

Other mental health therapies that have proven beneficial for drug abuse with depression include Dialectical Behavior Therapy or DBT. This type of therapy focuses more on emotional responses in life, as opposed to critical thinking. Many persons who experience drug addiction relay that they tend to have intense and negative thinking patterns. They may seek an answer to these irrational emotions with different forms of self-harm, including drug addiction.

Blue Heron Recovery is proud to offer specialized treatment customized to fit each individual’s needs. Our recovery-focused approach is led by a team of experienced professionals who follow a holistic approach. That is, treating the whole person and not just the symptoms of drug abuse with co-occurring depression.

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Blue Heron Recovery is a San Antonio drug rehab that can also provide Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders. This approach will prioritize continuity of care, building trust, and supporting individuals on their path to recovery. For a tailored recovery journey with professional oversight, call us today.

Medication can also be used with these other therapeutic programs to help regulate the brain chemicals that are known to cause depression. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse and depression, call Blue Heron Recovery at (888) 290-4826 today to learn more about our depression treatment program and other therapy services.